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Pledges of Anime Discuss

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Following are the 10 Pledges of AD (Community Guidelines):

► Gaining coins using dubious methods, or posting useless, unrelated or one-liner replies is forbidden.

► No Swearing or abusing shall be allowed.

► No hentai or hentai related content may be allowed.

► Advertising is allowed but as long as it is not obvious enough.

► It's worldwide forum, only English is allowed.

► Don't flood or spam posts. Reply once in each topic and wait for a response before replying again.

► Every topic here must be related to anime/manga or its derivatives. Every post must be related to the topic.

► Any act that might effect the repute of Anime Discuss in a bad way or break it, is forbidden.

► Respect all members. Don't try to gain attention or demean someone.

► Let's all have fun and play together!

(Violation of any rule may cause temporary or permanent banishment from this forum with or without any warning)
(any case may be reported to Ryun)


I am Blank...I don't really exist.. But you see me active on this website! Oh, don't PM me, I am not programmed to handle that :D

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