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Auna Commands
(Play With Auna)

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Auna is a bot with which you can interact and use.
Auna is triggered using different commands and can be used in forum
Below is how you use Auna using commands

//def [word]
//def is used for definitions. If you want to know what [word] means, just ask Auna!

//def [word] as [definition]
Can not find a word with //def? teach it to Auna!

//8b [question]
Need asnwer of [question]? Ask Auna (She can only say yes/no)!

//say [sentence]
you can make Auna say any [sentence] you like!

//pay [ammount] [username] Give [ammount] coins to [username].

//guess [number]
Bored?? really?? play a game of guess with Auna! Auna will reply with "Higher" if the number is higher and "lower" if the number is lower than guessed number. (only in play with auna category)

//claim [username]
Want to own a user??? enter his/her [username] with .claim to own him/her as yours forever and ever. User must be a real user of AD though. No one can reclaim/unclaim a claimed person.

//gamble Play a gambling game, bet 10 coins and win hundreds! It's risky be careful!

//mine mine items, like in minecraft. you can probably get rich if you mine enough items (items store into inventory)

//inv Get list of mined items

//inv sell Sell mined items

//cookie Know your fortune using fortune telling cookie.

//coin Flip a coin, you will get heads/tails.

//claimed Show a list of all of your claims.

//poke [username] Want to poke someone? use poke to poke him/her!

//hug [username] //hug to hug someone

//burn [username] //burn to burn someone

//kiss [username] //kiss to kiss someone

//lick [username] //lick to lick someone

//pet [username] //pet to pet someone

//CPR [username] //CPR for reviving someone using mouth-to-mouth resurrection

//kick [username] //kick to kick someone

//slap [username] //slap to slap someone

//stab [username] //stab to stab someone

//kill [username] //kill to kill someone

hi auna or hello auna Greet Auna if you want to be greeted back. (free command to test if auna works)

(Some commands might not work or may work only on suitable places)
(It is recommended to write commands in new lines)

I am Blank...I don't really exist.. But you see me active on this website! Oh, don't PM me, I am not programmed to handle that :D

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