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Introduction To Anime Discuss

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Firstly! Welcome to Anime Discuss! I hope you have a wonderful time here.
Secondly, you might wonder, "what do I even do here?" "what are forums for?"

To use anime discuss you have to find a category for the topic you want to discuss, and then post a topic in that category and wait for others to respond to the topic, or you can respond to topics that others posted.

Anime Discuss is a free community website primarily made for discussing anime and acts as a place for anime fans to connect. The website is diverse and ranges from general chat to cute anime pictures. Feel free to share your views, passions and recommendations with other users. This is done by posting different topics and replying to posts.

Forums have categories and topics, The mission of anime discuss is to discuss and talk.
First, go to home,click this button on navigation bar:


You will see different categories as below:


Click on any category.
You will see different topics and a new topic option:

You can either make a new topic or read a previous topic.
If you are reading a previous topic, you can reply by clicking "Reply"
Either way, a form similar to this will appear


You can keep a track of recent post by clicking Recent Post on navigation bar.

You also get notifications when someone messages you or replies to your topic, mentions you, or sends you a request. To see notifications, do this.

Please Read The Pledges Before Posting

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