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Hi there , random strangers on the internet!
I am Maaz , 17 years of age. I love animes , got into it after watching Naruto . Since then , I have watched 200+ animes. My fav. are Code Geass , Angel Beats , Death Note , No game No life and Monogatari Series. I read some light novels too but the only one I really got into is Mahouka because of a well-developed magic system. I also read up some novels from Wuxiaworld and GravityTales. Not a heavy gamer just some casual dota 2 or LoL if i feel upto it.
Feel free to recommend me some good animes(psychological , science heavy or strategy genres preferred) as I haven't found any good one in a while and so stopped watching anime altogether.

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Hi there Maaz, I'm Asa. My first anime was naruto too, my brothers used to watch it and I would join in. I don't really have any good recommendations because I prefer light-hearted anime. Shinsekai Yori was pretty psychological I suppose but I don't think I'd recommend it.

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@Maaz Welcome to AD fam


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Deduce an experiment where you binge watch different anime each night and keep track of how much you want to die, then have a day without watching anime as a control to see which anime make you want to die the most and if anime even affects how much you really wish you were never born. - Clanmaster21

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