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Battlezone Battlezone
Debates about serious topics, long posts about anime belong here.
Topics: 36
Replies: 1187
Linux Commands:
By: Ryun
On: 11:48 PM 30 Apr
Kawaii Stuff Kawaii Stuff
You can post all Moe stuff, images or anything else here! *~*
Topics: 25
Replies: 1132
By: Clanmaster21
On: 01:26 PM 18 Dec
Anime Funny Moments Anime Funny Moments
Share funny anime pictures and memes here.
Topics: 27
Replies: 829
Some funny stuff ...
By: Clanmaster21
On: 05:35 PM 12 Jan
Anime & Manga Anime & Manga
Discussions on everything about anime and manga in general.
Topics: 85
Replies: 2238
By: Clanmaster21
On: 01:12 PM 11 Oct
Community Activity Last Post
Introductions Introductions
For all the newbies of Anime Discuss, welcome to AD. Introduce yourself to everyone.
Topics: 110
Replies: 1994
By: Kito
On: 04:55 PM 23 Oct
Anime Help Anime Help
You can ask others here if you need help finding an anime.
Topics: 11
Replies: 220
Anime where girls...
By: Ryun
On: 02:55 AM 23 Sep
Games Games
You can talk about games, or play forum games here.
Topics: 25
Replies: 1269
Gamemaker: Studio...
By: Silica
On: 08:59 AM 01 Nov
Drawings Drawings
Post your art here! All anime drawings are appreciated.
Topics: 16
Replies: 451
By: Kito
On: 11:18 PM 04 Aug
Stories Stories
Stories, Poems, Adventures, share them all here!
Topics: 10
Replies: 323
POEMS, Cuz I wrot...
By: Kito
On: 09:15 PM 08 Mar
Fun Activity Last Post
Truth Or Dare Truth Or Dare
Play T/D.
Topics: 10
Replies: 621
Truth or Dare my ...
By: Kito
On: 06:43 PM 17 Jan
Anime Cosplays Anime Cosplays
If you like cosplay or if you have cosplayed, come here.
Topics: 3
Replies: 131
By: L-lawliet
On: 10:34 PM 16 Jan
General Chat General Chat
Make Friends Here! Chat About Random Stuff unrelated to anime.
Topics: 24
Replies: 712
By: Auna
On: 03:02 AM 31 Jan
Quotations Quotations
Like a Quote in an Anime? Post your favorite anime quotes here.
Topics: 10
Replies: 395
I like to see gir...
By: Kito
On: 01:26 PM 04 Feb
Play With Auna Play With Auna
You can use Auna anywhere... but if you are to overuse her, come here.
Topics: 25
Replies: 2804
By: Clanmaster21
On: 04:55 AM 09 Dec
Support & Announcements Activity Last Post
Announcements Announcements
All Announcements of Anime Discuss will be posted here.
Topics: 26
Replies: 319
New Radio
By: Kito
On: 09:16 AM 16 Dec
Bugs & Suggestions Bugs & Suggestions
You may see lots of bugs on AD, This is the right place to scold us!
Topics: 42
Replies: 794
A great idea
By: Ryun
On: 01:40 PM 31 May
Contests Contests
Know about the community contests and other activities.
Topics: 4
Replies: 135
By: Kito
On: 07:44 PM 14 Dec

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